Understanding the Benefits of Implants

Millions of Americans are suffering from tooth loss, even with availability of high quality dental care across the country. Most of them lose tooth due to gum problems, tooth decay or injury. Earlier dentures and bridges were considered as the only ways to restore missing teeth, but today dental implants are considered as the best option for this purpose.

Dental implants are the fixed or removable replacement for the roots of the missing teeth by providing them a strong foundation to match with the other natural teeth existing in the mouth. These implants are important as they offer a number of excellent benefits. Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

Best Option For Natural Looking Teeth: Dental implants help in restoring your lost teeth by replacing them with strong and stable tooth that functions and look like your natural teeth without deteriorating your jawbone and disturbing your everyday activities like speaking, eating and smiling.

Long Lasting Option: Dental implants provide a long lasting solution for the teeth you have lost. The options used traditionally for this purpose like bridges or dentures have to be replaced after every 7-10 years even after providing them proper care. Implants on the other hand can last closer to 20 years if placed and cared properly.

Worry Free Treatment For Missing Teeth: You need not feel uncomfortable while moving or speaking in public if you have restored your missing teeth with the help of dental implants. Now you can live a worry free life as you will not look different while smiling. You can smile or talk without fear, as the implant makes them look and function like the original teeth.

Maintain The Natural Shape Of Your Face: Your face may look sad and sunken as well as sagged if you have lost some of your teeth. You can maintain the shape of your smile and face by restoring missing teeth with the help of dental implants.

Protection of a Healthy Jawbone: Your healthy jawbone can deteriorate if it is left empty after losing one or more teeth, which can also cause various other health problems. It loses firmness and strength when it is not used to support the other teeth existing in your mouth. In such condition, dental implants are the only option to preserve the strength of your jawbone along with restoring your missing teeth.