CoolSculpting – Freeze Your Fat!

When it comes to unusual ways to lose fat (which actually work), CoolSculpting has to be pretty high on the list. As a concept it sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but it exists and it’s being used by thousands of people to help them lose stubborn body fat in a simple, effective manner.

The process itself involves a visit to a cosmetic surgery clinic with someone qualified in performing the procedure. Using a technology called cryolipolysis fat freezing, the process typically allows patients to lose around 40% of the far in the targeted area.

It involved the fat cells being crystalized, after which the body starts to gradually flush them out. The process is fairly straightforward and involves only mild discomfort for the patient, with a slight pressure on the target area followed by a numbness once the treatment is administered.

Full results from CoolSculpting usually take around 1-3 months to be seen, as it takes time for the body to fully process the fat cells. Once frozen, the fat cells are viewed as a foreign object by the body and are secreted through the bowel. This process takes a little time to complete, but afterwards the fat cells are completely removed from the body.

The results are permanent though, making it worth the wait, and most patients will require only a single treatment. Your doctor will let you know during your initial consultation if additional sessions will be required.

The real appeal of CoolSculpting, other than the obvious fat loss benefits, is that it’s a non-surgical procedure. The traditional cosmetic surgery approach to targeted fat loss has been liposuction, which essentially involves sucking the fat from under the skin. This was a major procedure with a couple of weeks of recovery time involved, which made it a serious commitment for the patient. With CoolSculpting there’s no downtime involved for the majority of patients, with many receiving the treatment on their lunch break before heading back to work!

It’s not just a beneficial treatment for the patients either – doctors increasingly prefer this approach to traditional surgical fat loss procedures. It’s far safer and less intrusive, and the low-risk involved offers huge appeal to doctors and patients aside.

The leading practitioner of the procedure in the UK are The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, and you can find more information about the procedure on their website.