3 Supplements That Help To Boost Your Memory

Brain and memory boosting supplements have become quite popular in the market and it is quite easy to see why. These supplements reduce anxiety, help you relax and focus, and increase various mental functions including memory retention. With many testimonials of how effective memory boosting supplements work, an instant demand for such products is created. This also produces a corresponding need to offer such supplements. There are numerous products promoted in the market to boost the brain’s memory and while some work, others are scams and have the potential to result in undesirable side effects. It is therefore very important to keenly review each offer before using them. Here is a brief description of three top supplements recommended for increasing memory and brain function:


Phenibut is a popular nootropic readily available in the memory supplement market. It is associated with reducing anxiety and nervousness and has been approved as a legal nutritional supplement. It was first discovered in the 1960s by the Soviet Union and is a GABA agonist. Unlike others, phenibut attaches itself to the GABA-B receptors rather than GABA-A receptors. It has been said that phenibut helps you to relax and clear your mind focusing on whatever you are doing. It provides the alpha feeling which makes you feel like the boss. It also provides the feel good relaxing feeling that allows you to function without being sloppy making it different from alcoholic effect. This supplement is said to help users remember assignments and dates. You should take 2 grams of phenibut to start although you can increase intake to 3.5 grams. It is important to be very careful when taking nootropics like phenibut since it can form habit.

Huperzine A

This is another very popular memory boosting supplement you will run into when shopping for such products. Huperzine A is a trademark ingredient in many other nootropics and has been named one of the best independent natural nootropic. Huperzia Serrata is the plant from which Huperzine A is derived from. This plant has been known to have several benefits for anyone who wants to boost their memory and brain function. It has also been suggested as possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and others think it will one day become the ideal memory improvement nootropic for those suffering age-related loss of memory. The benefits of using this supplement include increased lucid dreaming, enhanced learning and neuroplasticity, expanded memory and executive functions among others. It essentially promotes neural stem cell growth in the hippocampus and has been proven to have the effects of neural antioxidants. It is the most reliable nootropic and memory boosting supplement and has very limited side effects.


When looking for the best nootropic in the memory supplement market, then Noopept is your ideal choice. It is considered the best as it has a unique formula to enhance cognitive abilities. It is widely used and the medicinal benefits have spurred interests from sophisticated countries in Europe among other places. It is a peptide type of nootropic that improves several mental functions while providing a good feeling that clears your brain fog in readiness for heightened focus and concentration. It also increases BDNF-mRNA and NGF concentrations which are known to directly impact energy increase and alertness. Noopept contains up to 12 natural nootropic elements that increase immunity, body function and brain as well as memory functions. Its benefits range from improved cognition and memory to best moods, motivation and rejuvenation. It was first formulated to help alcohol addicts rehabilitate. Unlike other nootropics which provide a sedative effect, Noopept sparks brain and memory functions by enhancing the body functions in overall.


It is important to purchase all supplements from credible licensed distributors who are reputable for offering genuine quality safe memory boosting nootropics. Before purchasing any supplement, ensure you have keenly reviewed the safety and approval as well as reputation of both the formula and business.